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StaffGeneral Written by Masiyah Staff, 10 September 2014, 23:42.27

We are proud to announce the promotion of Myrelle to Senior Tutor as well as the promotion for Joe Brabo to Tutor!

Triple EXP Day!Events Written by RoHaN, 6 September 2014, 19:56.49

Since today is my birthday I decided to give you guys a gift, a 3x EXP day that starts 00:00 CET today!

Rise of DaburaGeneral Written by RoHaN, 5 September 2014, 01:36.41

Dabura was not pleased with the challenges thus far. He called upon the Gods of Masiyah to give him a worthy challenge. He was rewarded with some few extra extremely rare items (to drop!) and gained twice the strength he previously inherited.

Major UpdateServer Written by Masiyah Staff, 18 August 2014, 01:43.44

Today we have released a major update which includes the following things:

Compensation and changesServer Written by RoHaN, 12 August 2014, 23:56.57

We've added everyone 50 VIP Sessions along with 20 premium points due to the lags yesterday.
We've also buffed the Casino, so it's very easy to profit from there now after playing a while. (Gem game)
The EXP stages have been raised for level 400 and below.
Points for warfrags & New page for guilds coming soon!
Make sure to check out votes page, currently there's an active vote on VIP sessions!
Visit here for more info: Polls