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2x 1000 Premium points giveawayEvents Written by RoHaN, 19 October 2014, 16:30.10

Do you want to win 1000 premium points?
Follow the RoHaN-OTs link on the right to know more: RoHaN-OTs

House Contest EventEvents Written by Joe Brabo, 17 October 2014, 16:52.07

Decorate your house beautifully, and you can win 500 premium points!

You will be judged on:

This weeks theme: Jungle!
Send your Screenshots as soon as possible to joe.masiyah@gmail.com
Winner will be announced on sunday 19th 20:00 CET!

Here is the WINNER!

Update listServer Written by RoHaN, 11 October 2014, 20:31.34

This is the official masiyah update list since October 2014.

These updates will be completed in various times, not all at once and will be checked once completed.

RoHaN-OTs Highscores and Coin TossEvents Written by RoHaN, 1 October 2014, 16:42.47

How the coin toss game works:
You have to enter amount of points and the toss result.
If you guess the coin toss result correctly, you will win the amount of points you entered.
Otherwise, you'll lose the amount of points you entered.
Minimum bet: 10 points, maximum bet: 100 points.

RoHaN-OTs.com BETA is live!General Written by Masiyah Staff, 28 September 2014, 17:07.00

Dear Masiyans,
We have now finished the BETA version of rohan-ots.com
This is your opportunity to earn premium points by answering simple questions!
We are currently offering a variety of 2 games with more of them coming your way: Daily 5 & Fast Fingers
You can create an account by clicking here and link your Masiyah account!
Have fun & enjoy the games!