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Major UpdateServer Written by Masiyah Staff, 18 August 2014, 01:43.44

Today we have released a major update which includes the following things:

Compensation and changesServer Written by RoHaN, 12 August 2014, 23:56.57

We've added everyone 50 VIP Sessions along with 20 premium points due to the lags yesterday.
We've also buffed the Casino, so it's very easy to profit from there now after playing a while. (Gem game)
The EXP stages have been raised for level 400 and below.
Points for warfrags & New page for guilds coming soon!
Make sure to check out votes page, currently there's an active vote on VIP sessions!
Visit here for more info: Polls

Anti-Push + Offline messagesServer Written by undercover, 10 August 2014, 23:59.53

Since most of the players weren't satisfied with how the Anti-Push system worked, we changed it, completely.
From now on, it won't block any item movement except when you try to put an item under yourself or another player while outside protection zone.
If you have any suggestion (or if you think this is a bad idea), please leave your comment here.

We have also edited offline messages system and now I will explain how it works:

*We may adjust the requirements and limits any time in the future, so that stuff will be added to this page.

New FeaturesServer Written by Erza, 8 August 2014, 22:54.49

Update: Disabled the Anti Anti-Push feature temporarily, as we're adjusting a few things, such as: Not triggering the delay while moving stuff in PZ or between your backpacks.

Today we have added 2 new features:

Introducing the Anti Anti-Push System: Moving an item from your backpack or equipment to the ground will cause a delay of 3 seconds until you can move another item to the ground, the same delay applys if you move an item around on the floor which is already there.
Interesting note: You will not get a delay for picking up items from the ground.

Introducing the Offline Message System: You can now send messages to offline players! When they log in they will see your messages displayed in the default channel. You will start being able to send offline messages at level 50, being able to send 5 offline messages. From that on, every 10 levels you will gain 1 extra message. The maximum amount of offline messages you can have is 20 per character. This means you will stop gaining extra messages at level 200.

Along with this update, we have also implemented a few map fixes.

Top Guilds!Server Written by RoHaN, 3 August 2014, 20:00.09

The top guild system has been changed.
You no longer gain points by fragging unjustified, instead you do it on the battlefield in WAR mode!
To see the commands for guild war check out our FAQ (16-19)