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Map updateServer Written by Fron Auris, 10 March 2014, 02:06.15

As you might have noticed, we recently did a map update!
I fixed alot things, added some new areas as well as revamped a few parts.

Full list can be checked on forum (link follows later)

Here's a list of some of the most important things I did:
-Revmapped 350+ Medusa in VIP
-Fixed a huge amount of bugs in Zao/Northern Zao/Razachai
-Added VIP city TP to every city -Fixed some bugs in Ghastly Dragons at VIP
-Added missing monsters in Port-Hope (Mainly crocodiles/Tortoises)
-Fixed some mapbugs in Pyre
-Added a new Dragon Lord spawn in Pyre
-Revmapped Gengia include new DP/Walls/Grounds/Borders
-Added new spawns in Gengia: Behemoth's/Quara's/Dragon Lords
-Replaced Xodet/Alexander in Thais magic shop
-Added Event isle TP to every city
-Fixed a few Bed bugs
-Added Anti Trash to every DP counter all over the map
-Revmapped Boss area near southgate
-Added a new layout for demons VIP (Work in progress.)
-Added Voodoo Doll quest in venore
-Fixed some issues in thais; PZ bugs, Borders, Tiles, Roofs
-Added a whole new Training area with Xodet + 4 Training places
-Added TP to trainers in every city
-Castle's are now also accesible trough Thais temple +1
-Bazir and Apocalypse hunting ground in Thais has been changed.
-Revmapped VIP city, which is still work in progress, soon more information about it!

I hope you guys like these updates and enjoy playing Masiyah!
Also, If you see any map bugs/issues or anything that isnt correct.. Please let us know for a better Masiyah!

CompensationGeneral Written by RoHaN, 23 February 2014, 15:27.00

Hello, the lags have finally been fixed.
We have added 50 VIP sessions to all of you as a compensation, thank you for bearing with us through these tough times!

Guild House LotteryEvents Written by RoHaN, 21 February 2014, 13:22.52

Hello community, we will be raffling off Southern Thais Guildhall to a random player over level 400. So all you need to join is: Be level 400 or above! The winner will be announced on Sunday 23rd February.
Good Luck!
The winner of the Guild House became:
Rainbow Warrior!

Here is the winner: Rainbow Warrior

Lag issues latelyServer Written by RoHaN, 17 February 2014, 16:04.37

We are aware of the recent lag issues lately, and we are doing our best to fix them. We instantly contacted our service provider for information, but they've been non-cooperative. If they don't help us fix these issues within the next couple of days, we will be moving to a more reliable host which can guarantee us no more lags! Thank you for bearing with us, we will also compensate you when this situation is resolved.

The update!Server Maintenance Written by undercover, 26 January 2014, 21:33.56

Masiyah players, good news!
An update has occurred, and many new features have been added.

About the site: Finally, players. We are trying to add as many cool features as possible to make the server better every day.
To achieve this we add a mix of features from RL Tibia and of custom features, but we can't do it without you!
Please, if you feel anything should be added, feel free to post at the suggestion thread at our forum!