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Boosters & Mage buffServer Written by undercover, 27 November 2014, 19:53.56

We've added 9 new boosters to the shop's enchantments section.

We've also reduced the mana cost of the mage ultimate spells by 50%.

Task NPCGeneral Written by RoHaN, 26 November 2014, 23:04.46

Don't forget to check out Task NPC TGYoshi!
He is located in both Thais and VIP temple.
You can even view highscores for tasks done.

Henry NuggetGeneral Written by Erza, 25 November 2014, 06:43.49

Henry Nugget has chosen to reside in Masiyah from today on, he settled down in Thais' depot +1, he said he liked the lounge there.

Along with this, he handed me a list of the prices he's willing to pay for your items!

1vs1 Sudden Death EventEvents Written by RoHaN, 23 November 2014, 22:25.00

It's finally here!
This event is skill-based for you to test your PvP knowledge.
We use a custom ELO in this event.
You start on 1200 ELO normally. The higher level your opponent is, the more ELO you gain.
It's located in the Events room as well as VIP hunting temple north east, you can view the highscores for it HERE
The highest ELO rated player on 30th November will be rewarded with 1000 Points.
Keep in mind Paladins deal 50% less damage with spells on this event due to being naturally stronger.

Good luck!

Forgotten LegendServer Written by RoHaN, 15 November 2014, 17:15.25

We've just launched our sister server ForgottenL 8.6! Have a look while training skills or hunting.
It's a high rated customized fun server!
Website: http://forgottenl.se/