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Punishment list & Spells changesGeneral Written by RoHaN, 2 December 2014, 21:58.50

You can now view the punishments list of people being jailed along with reason here at this page: Punishments
Sharpshooter (utito tempo san) now has a 6 second cooldown from 1 and lasts for 5 seconds from 10.
Cure Curse (exana mort) now has a 0.6 seconds cooldown from 1.

New game at RoHaN-OTsEvents Written by undercover, 1 December 2014, 20:19.21

We've now added a new game called Paper Stone Scissors!
You can bet from 10 to 100 points on it and you will either play versus another player or a bot if no other player is available!
Good luck!

Boosters & Mage buffServer Written by undercover, 27 November 2014, 19:53.56

We've added 9 new boosters to the gifts enchantments section.

We've also reduced the mana cost of the mage ultimate spells by 50%.

Task NPCGeneral Written by RoHaN, 26 November 2014, 23:04.46

Don't forget to check out Task NPC TGYoshi!
He is located in both Thais (depot +1) and VIP temple.
You can even view highscores for tasks done.

Henry NuggetGeneral Written by Erza, 25 November 2014, 06:43.49

Henry Nugget has chosen to reside in Masiyah from today on, he settled down in Thais' depot +1, he said he liked the lounge there.

Along with this, he handed me a list of the prices he's willing to pay for your items!